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RUGADA has implemented the project entitled The causes and consequences of cross generational and Transactional sex in the districts of Rukungiri, Kabale, Kanungu, and Kisoro funded by USAID/CORE/CARE through the ministry of Gender Labour and Social development .Its objectives were to:- 

      • Raise awareness on the causes, risks and consequences of cross-generational and transactional sex.
      • Equipping young people with life skills to enable them avoid risky behaviour
      • Strengthening community structures to address issues of cross generational sex and transactional sex

The project achieved the following;-

      • It trained 64 abstinence clubs in Kisoro, Kabale,Rukungiri and Kanungu
      • Trained 80 community leaders in advocacy skills
      • Supported the formation of 256 abstinence clubs in 4 parishes of the 4 districts.
      • Increased awareness through 6 radio talk shows
      • Supported drama groups in the districts

Rukungiri Gender and Development Association (RUGADA) was established in 1994. It is a registered rural-based Non-Government Organisation (NGO),non-profit making non-political charitable organisation with the mission to contribute to the improvement of the status of the less advantaged people of Rukungiri District. It is registered with the National Association of Women organisations of Uganda(NAWOU),Uganda Gender Resource Center, UWASNET .It is involved in the implementation several programs in Rukungiri District and surrounding districts.