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RUGADA implemented an environmental conservation project in Rukungiri District by UNDP  under the Global Environment Facility/Small Grants Programme The objectives of the project were;-

1.Reduce environment degradation by encouraging usage of bio gas for lighting and cooking.

2. Reduce the destruction of trees by introducing energy saving stoves.

3. Improve the health status of the people by reducing the emission of smoke from open cooking fires and promoting vegetable growing.

4. Promote alternative sources of energy.

5. Restore soil fertility

The project achievements were;-

      • Create environmental awareness in the communities.
      • Construct 200 Energy saving stoves.
      • Build 120 Bio gas plants built.
      • Demonstrate the use of slurry as a fertiliser.
      • Reduced forest destruction in the area.

Rukungiri Gender and Development Association (RUGADA) was established in 1994. It is a registered rural-based Non-Government Organisation (NGO),non-profit making non-political charitable organisation with the mission to contribute to the improvement of the status of the less advantaged people of Rukungiri District. It is registered with the National Association of Women organisations of Uganda(NAWOU),Uganda Gender Resource Center, UWASNET .It is involved in the implementation several programs in Rukungiri District and surrounding districts.