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As a lead agency for the Kigezi region with  Kisoro, Kanungu, Kabale and Rukungiri. The Sub-grantees that RUGADA worked with were Rujumbura development Association(,RDF),Kisoro Foundation for development(KFRD) Kabale Networking Organisation(KABNETO) and Kinkizi Agency for Development(KAD).

The interventions that RUGADA was to achieve were;-

  • Intensification and scaling up of information and communication (IEC) and behavioural change communication (BCC) particularly in rural areas.
  • Strengthening and improving the quality of services for sexually transmitted infections(STI/AIDS)
  • Mitigation programs for orphans and children. 
  • Sensitized the population on HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis sensitization

The achievements included;-

  • 136 out of school youth leaders were trained in life skills .
  • Supported apprenticeship training of 30 orphans and vulnerable children
  • Trained 136 in school youths leaders in life skills in the 4 districts 
  • Provided support to 30 community peer educators.
  • Distributed 30 bicycles to leaders to carry out psycho social activities of the orphans and vulnerable children
  • Trained 40 STI service providers for core and vulnerable groups in Kebisooni and Bugangari.

Rukungiri Gender and Development Association (RUGADA) was established in 1994. It is a registered rural-based Non-Government Organisation (NGO),non-profit making non-political charitable organisation with the mission to contribute to the improvement of the status of the less advantaged people of Rukungiri District. It is registered with the National Association of Women organisations of Uganda(NAWOU),Uganda Gender Resource Center, UWASNET .It is involved in the implementation several programs in Rukungiri District and surrounding districts.