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RUGADA was contracted  by the Ministry of Health to implement the Nutrition and Early Childhood Development Project (NECDP). RUGADA- worked  in four sub counties of Bwambara, Nyakisheny, Rutenga and Nyamirama in the current districts of Rukungiri and Kanungu. The  Achievements of the project included;-

      • Training Of The Two Child Care Workers (Ccws) At Every Community In The Project Area.
      • Promotion of immunization
      • Establishment of food security issues, 
      • Establishment of initiatives for savings and investments.
      • Protection of the rights of children. 
      • Establishment of community action plans(caps), 
      • Promotion of growth promotion and monitoring.
      • Carrying out children’s days. 
      • Establishment of a two resource centres. 

Rukungiri Gender and Development Association (RUGADA) was established in 1994. It is a registered rural-based Non-Government Organisation (NGO),non-profit making non-political charitable organisation with the mission to contribute to the improvement of the status of the less advantaged people of Rukungiri District. It is registered with the National Association of Women organisations of Uganda(NAWOU),Uganda Gender Resource Center, UWASNET .It is involved in the implementation several programs in Rukungiri District and surrounding districts.